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Elizabeth Valenti of Worldwinds

February 21, 2019

Elizabeth Valenti shares Worldwinds Inc.'s use case

“My staff and I come to learn about the latest breakthroughs with ADCIRC and where it’s going,” said Elizabeth Valenti, Presidents of Worldwinds Inc., a company that uses meteorological modeling to consult with clients. “I come to see what new opportunities may be coming up, and we’ve been doing that for over 15 years.”

My name is Elizabeth Valenti. I am the founder and owner of world wins Incorporated. We grew out of a commercial remote sensing group at the stennis Space Center and 2000 May of 2000. As everyone knows in 2005 Katrina hit so here we were in the middle of research and storm surge and we had a 30 foot storm surge along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. So then we quickly transitioned to Hurricane Katrina specific and at that time since we did have a took up and running we were able to provide people that we knew with wind and water timing plots for their homes in an effort to settle their insurance claims more quickly. So that was our first venue into understanding how. Useful and important this adcirc model was to a person everyone who presented this information to the insurance company settled their claim.

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