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ADCIRC Users Group Meeting

February 21, 2019

23rd ADCIRC Users Group Meeting gathers modeling community to discuss latest improvements

As Subtropical Storm Andrea formed in the Atlantic Ocean – 12 days before the official start of Atlantic hurricane season – a community of coastal modelers gathered to discuss the latest research and uses of the ADCIRC computer model. The model, part of the ADCIRC Prediction System™, provides decision support for hazards like storm inundation during tropical cyclones.

More than 50 people gathered at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Coastal Hydraulics Lab (ERDC CHL) in Vicksburg, Miss., from May 20-21 for the 23rd ADCIRC Users Group Meeting. Federal, academic and private-sector users of the model met to discuss their work in a less formal environment that encourages discussion and partnership.

The event was co-organized by CRC PI Jason Fleming of Seahorse Consulting and Chris Massey and Mary Cialone of the ERDC CHL.

In past years, the Users Group Meeting has been held in the same week and location as the ADCIRC Boot Camp, a hands-on training event for newer users. Because of high user demand, Fleming said he broke the event into separate parts, with Boot Camp-style events being held on the University of Texas-Austin campus in March and another planned for November in Florida.

Presentations at the Users Group Meeting featured real-world applications for ADCIRC such as testing the impact of building higher sea walls in southeastern Florida on coastal water overflow during tropical storms. They also included several looks at ways to improve the speed and automating of ADCIRC-related tools.

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